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Wisdom. Faith. Friendship.



At Overcomer Kids camp, we strive to make our programs one of the best experiences your child has ever had. We provide a safe and nurturing environment where children feel welcomed. We encourage them to be themselves and we have a lot of fun. Children are encouraged to try new things, make new friends, and be apart of something great! The mission of Overcomer Kids camp is to integrate Christian principles through programs and services that promote youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility for all. Overcomer Kids camp counselors receive 30 hours of staff training annually and are all CPR certified. We are also dedicated to building healthy, confident, connected and secure children.


Our Vision

Overcomer Kids camp aims to guide children in making the right decisions, building self-esteem, and displaying empathy and compassion for others. Our staff promises to demonstrate and develop these 3 Basic Truths in all aspects of working with the children, but staff alone cannot make the difference. A strong partnership between parents and staff, including the support and reinforcement of our values must be present in order to foster the growth of happy, confident, and caring children. Our commitment to character development makes it valuable to our community. All aspects of programming and interaction highlight these 3 Basic Truths.

  • Make The Right Decisions

  • Build Self-Esteem

  • Display Empathy and Compassion for Others

At first, I was a little shy but my camp counselor made me feel right at home.
— Kaitlan | 7 yrs. old